audio_boom_logoWe want to hear from you! Do you have an interesting Irish Heritage story? Do you know someone who has lived an interested life in Ireland might be willing to record their story and send it to our project? Then simply click on the “Upload Your Story” link and follow the instructions to record and send your story via the Audio Boom App to our Gathering Heritage Channel

We are particularly interested in hearing from anyone who has a story from a relative involved in 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland as we want to share stories online via our website and social channel.

Step1 – To download via the Free Audio Boom App Here)

Step 2 – Close the app on your phone (Important – First time only)

Step 3 – Launch the Audio Boom App via the link Below

Step 4 – Record your (or some you know) story via the App.

Step 5 – Fill in your details and click on “Publish” to Gathering Heritage.





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