Help Us Find Gerry The Photographer

The Gathering Heritage Project based in Louth is on the hunt for a photographer who shared a treasure trove of previously unseen photos from the 1970’s and 1980s of Dundalk. The find came in the form of a CD with hundreds of images left for the attention of interviewer Harry Lee at a local shop in early March 2020. On review the disk contained hundreds of nostalgia filled images from all over the town dating back to 70’s and 80’s. “Its a wonderful find” said Project co-ordinator Jason McGee. “We have seen alot of old photos on the Dundalk North End and Friends Facebook page but not many people have seen these – we certainly havent.” A sample of just 5 images was shared via a short YouTube video to help find the donator who didnt leave any contact details but just left a short note signed “Gerry”. So the hunt is on find this photographer to discuss more about the background to these photographic set and perhaps to include them into the upcoming “Harry Lee’s Clanbrassil Street Memories” event for Bealtaine in May of this year.

Please watch the video below and if you think you know who Gerry The Photographer is then get in touch via our email or via our Social Media Channels.

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