2021 Crowdfunder Kicks Off

Gathering Heritage 2021 Crowdfunder Launched Due to a cut in grant funding Gathering Heritage are launching the "Amazing Lives 2021" #Crowdfunder - Project Organisers Harry Lee and Jason McGee are asking the public for help [...]

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Amazing Lives 2020 – Project Kicking Off

Gathering Heritage Project is seeking a new batch of interviewees for its "Amazing Lives" series which has been part funded for 2020 by Creative Ireland. The project which captures the stories from people who have [...]

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Seeking A Sponsor for 2019

The Gathering Heritage Project is seeking a sponsor for 2019 so we can interview and share as many treasured stories from Louth as we can. Our Audioboom Podcast channel has had almost 4000 listeners since [...]

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New – AudioBoom Channel

Hurrah! We have teamed up with AudioBoom to make our audio clips available via our own Audio Boom Channel  We have uploaded the latest audio clips into the channel along with pictures and addional information [...]

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