GH_Granny_01The idea for this animated series comes from the love of Irish Heritage. The spoken word of peoples lives passed from person to person over the generation and sometimes lost to time. We embarked on a journey in 2013 in Louth County Museum called Gathering History to see if we could capture audio recordings for the Gathering Year. We found we recorded so a wealth of stories so we wanted to do more and create an animated series set against the actual recordings laid down by people who have lived interesting lives.

Gathering Heritage will create an animated series based on audio recordings by Irish people talking about their life experiences. The animations will be voiced by the contributors in their own words and will be a mix of background music and short stories. Each episode will be five minutes long and will have five peoples stories animated around a common theme eg. going to school, holidays, worklife, travelling abroad etc.  We have already captured 30 interviews digitally and have enough audio material for 12 episodes.