Gathering Heritage 2021 Crowdfunder Launched

GH LogoDue to a cut in grant funding Gathering Heritage are launching the “Amazing Lives 2021” #Crowdfunder – Project Organisers Harry Lee and Jason McGee are asking the public for help to continue to capture the stories of people who have lived “Amazing Lives”.  A target of €2000 has been set so they can capture some local stories of family life, sports, entertainment, interesting careers, famous events, disaster and triumphs. The project has captured over 50 audio interviews, created 20 YouTube Videos which combined have been played over 10,000 times. “The interest in heritage has never been greater in Ireland than right now” said Project Organiser Jason McGee “We are living in monumental times and people want to share memories of the past for future generations before they are lost to time forever.”

The project which has been funded in 2019 and 2020 by Creative Ireland was declined funding for 2021 so the organisers have decided to tap in the support of the online community to try to raise funds to cover the project for this year. Previous interviews include Musician Jim Corr, RTE General Director Tom Savage, Sports Pundit Tommy Smyth as well as local stories from Des Casey, Joe Martin, Gerry Gover, Anne Smyth, Riccardo Lucchesi, Collette O’Hagan, Conor Hughes and Paddy Madole.

Donations can be made via