Creative IrelandGathering Heritage have been successful in securing funding under the Louth 2019 Creative Ireland Grant Fund. The purpose of the fund is to provide support to local and community event organisers in the research, planning and delivery of creative projects that have the capacity to develop into the future.  GH will now undertake the recording of interviews to capture interesting stories from the people of Louth. Working with the “Old Dundalk Society” the project will undertake to collect interviews with the group who are working to preserve and share the heritage of the locality. “We are delighted to to be selected to be funded by this National Programme for Louth as we have been trying for several years to get this project funded.” said Project Co-ordinator Jason McGee. “I am really looking forward to getting out into the public with my recorder to capture all those life stories and hidden gems that I know are out there from Dundalk  people” said interviewer Harry Lee. “We fully support this initiative” said Michael Gaynor from the Old Dundalk Society. “We lament the loss of all of these stories through the passage of time each year – this way we can ensure at least some of them will be preserved online via Gathering Heritage in a digitally creative way for the whole community to enjoy.”

If you know someone with an interesting life story then ask them to get in touch via the contact form on